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March 14, 2019 by
Washington Post sued by a high school student

The Washington Article was filed a claim against by a high school trainee named Nicholas Sandmann on Tuesday. He sued it for libel and claimed that he was accused falsely of racist acts in the paper. The paper prompted that he challenged with an activist from Indigenous America in a case that happened at the Lincoln Memorial in the month of January.

Jeff Bezos that started Amazon.com and is additionally the richest person in the world paid about 250 million bucks in 2013 for the Message as well as this much quantity would be lost as a result of the claim that was submitted by the senior high school pupil called Nicholas Sandmann. It was stated in the lawsuit that this teen was targeted in an upside-down as well as additionally bullied in order to make the prejudice versus the President get advanced. This happened as Nicholas was a white Catholic and additionally due to the cap he wore throughout the rally that took place in Washington, D.C. Kristine Kelly who is the Vice President of the Washington Message for Communications claimed that a duplicate of the submitted claim was being evaluated for an appropriate action. The event that took place at the Lincoln Memorial sparked outrage and the photos taken went viral on social media sites. Additional legal actions would additionally be filed, stated Lin Timber that is Nicholas’s legal representative.

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